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Nearby Early-type Galactic Nuclei at High Resolution: Dynamical Black Hole and Nuclear Star Cluster Mass Measurements

  • Authors: Dieu D. Nguyen, Anil C. Seth, Nadine Neumayer, Sebastian Kamann, Karina T. Voggel, Michele Cappellari, Arianna Picotti, Phuong M. Nguyen, Torsten Böker, Victor Debattista, Nelson Caldwell, Richard McDermid, Nathan Bastian, Christopher C. Ahn, and Renuka Pechetti

2018 The Astrophysical Journal 858 118.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 9.

Mass vs. size for NSCs. Our dynamical mass determinations plus that of NGC 404 (Nguyen et al. 2017) are shown in red (circles with central dots); these are the only dynamically determined NSC masses in ETGs. These are compared to photometric estimates from Georgiev et al. (2016), plotted in black circles with central dots for ETGs and black open circles for LTGs. The LTG NSCs with the dynamical M/L estimates from Walcher et al. (2005; late-type spirals) and the spectroscopic M/L estimates from Rossa et al. (2006; Sa-Sbc) are plotted with blue plus signs and diamonds, respectively. We also add the dynamical M/L estimate for the LTG NSC of NGC 4395 (den Brok et al. 2015) with a yellow open circle and the ETG NSC of FCC 277 (Lyubenova et al. 2013) in the same notation of this work’s NSCs.

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