About the Astronomy Image Explorer

The Astronomy Image Explorer (AIE) has been designed as a convenient and efficient tool for researchers working in the fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics to gain access to images published in peer-reviewed journals.  At its launch in December of 2013, the AIE was populated with hundreds of thousands of images published in the journals of the American Astronomical Society.

Images and Features

Images made available on this site are for academic use by the research community. Users are able to easily search for images with any combination of author, journal, citation, format, and key words.  Convenient tools are available to generate PowerPoint slides, download-high resolution images, obtain copyright and reuse information, or view the image within the context of the originally published research.

Images and Copyright

Copyright information is conveniently embedded in each file downloaded from the site. PowerPoint slides and PDF exports contain relevant reference information to facilitate proper citation.

The Astronomy Image Explorer is dedicated to respecting appropriate copyright and license terms.  If you have a concern about a particular image or group of images, please contact us with the relevant details.

Contact Information

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Development of the Astronomy Image Explorer

Please complete a quick survey to help us improve the Astronomy Image Explorer (AIE) functionality. We would be grateful for your response.