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Shaping the Envelope of the Asymptotic Giant Branch Star W43A with a Collimated Fast Jet

  • Authors: Daniel Tafoya, Hiroshi Imai, José F. Gómez, Jun-ichi Nakashima, Gabor Orosz, and Bosco H. K. Yung

2020 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 890 L14.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 6.

PV diagram of the p-H2S(﹩{J}_{{K}_{{\rm{a}}},{K}_{{\rm{c}}}}﹩ = 220 → 211) line emission from W43A. The H2S emission exhibits the characteristic morphology of a double-lobe structure, indicated with a solid black line, similarly to the shell delineated by the continuum emission. The velocity offset is defined with respect to the systemic velocity of the star Vsys = 34 km s−1. The vertical dashed lines indicate the radius where the H2O masers are located. The horizontal white dashed lines indicate the maximum velocity offset along the line of sight of the shell traced by the p-H2S(﹩{J}_{{K}_{{\rm{a}}},{K}_{{\rm{c}}}}﹩ = 220 → 211) emission. The contours are from 4σ on steps of 4σ (σ = 1 mJy beam−1).

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