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Selection Functions in Astronomical Data Modeling, with the Space Density of White Dwarfs as a Worked Example

  • Authors: Hans-Walter Rix, David W. Hogg, Douglas Boubert, Anthony G. A. Brown, Andrew Casey, Ronald Drimmel, Andrew Everall, Morgan Fouesneau, and Adrian M. Price-Whelan

2021 The Astronomical Journal 162 142.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 11.

Representation of Φ0(MG, (BR)), as in Figure 10, but augmented by 1σ upper limits across the entire (MG, (BR)) plane, where the sample does not contain any entries. Those limits were derived by calculating the density that even one single object in this (MG, (BR)) pixel would imply. Knowing the selection function for counterfactual properties q permits us to place constraints in models where we do not see any data in the sample.

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