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Selection Functions in Astronomical Data Modeling, with the Space Density of White Dwarfs as a Worked Example

  • Authors: Hans-Walter Rix, David W. Hogg, Douglas Boubert, Anthony G. A. Brown, Andrew Casey, Ronald Drimmel, Andrew Everall, Morgan Fouesneau, and Adrian M. Price-Whelan

2021 The Astronomical Journal 162 142.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

Distribution of objects in the color–absolute magnitude diagram (CAMD; here ((BR), MG) ) resulting from the initial sample query. This query selects WDs as it should—the sequence of objects centered on ((BR), MG) = (0.2, 12)—but the initial candidate sample is overall dominated by objects seemingly near ((BR), MG) = (1.4, 13); it turns out that almost all of these sources (seem to) lie in this portion of the CAMD because they have spurious astrometry or photometry in EDR3 (see Figure 3). The units of this distribution are number of objects/mag2.

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