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Selection Functions in Astronomical Data Modeling, with the Space Density of White Dwarfs as a Worked Example

  • Authors: Hans-Walter Rix, David W. Hogg, Douglas Boubert, Anthony G. A. Brown, Andrew Casey, Ronald Drimmel, Andrew Everall, Morgan Fouesneau, and Adrian M. Price-Whelan

2021 The Astronomical Journal 162 142.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 9.

Estimate of Φ0(MG, (BR)), analogous to that in Figure 7, but for four different choices of ﹩{\overline{{\rm{S}}/{\rm{N}}}}_{\varpi ,\min }﹩: 5, 10, 40, and 80. Despite the sample size differences of a factor of 5, the inferred Φ0(MG, (BR)) are mutually consistent. High values of ﹩{\overline{{\rm{S}}/{\rm{N}}}}_{\varpi ,\min }﹩ lead to small samples but better detail in the high-density structure of Φ0(MG, (BR)); low values of ﹩{\overline{{\rm{S}}/{\rm{N}}}}_{\varpi ,\min }﹩ lead to larger samples and a better sampling of the (MG, (BR)) plane, but at reduced resolution, as the uncertainties in MG become noticeable.

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