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Refining the Census of the Upper Scorpius Association with Gaia

  • Authors: K.L. Luhman, and T.L. Esplin

2020 The Astronomical Journal 160 44.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 6.

Proper motion offsets vs. parallax for the candidate members of Sco–Cen with >90% membership probabilities (Figure 4) that are within the boundaries of Upper Sco (top), UCL (middle), and LCC (bottom) from de Zeeuw et al. (1999). We have included contours for density maps of the data within the central concentration in Upper Sco and within the boundary of Ophiuchus from Esplin et al. (2018; see Figure 5). For each of those populations, the contours are plotted at 10% and 50% of the maximum density.

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