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Refining the Census of the Upper Scorpius Association with Gaia

  • Authors: K.L. Luhman, and T.L. Esplin

2020 The Astronomical Journal 160 44.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

﹩{M}_{{G}_{\mathrm{RP}}}﹩ vs. GBP − GRP for stars within the boundary of Sco–Cen defined by de Zeeuw et al. (1999) that have π > 5 mas, π/σ ≥ 20, and RUWE < 1.6 in Gaia DR2. We have selected a sample of candidate young, low-mass stars based on colors of GBP − GRP = 1.4–3.4 mag (∼0.15–1 M) and positions above the single-star sequence for the Tuc-Hor association (45 Myr, Bell et al. 2015; solid line). We have marked a reddening vector for the extinction curve from Schlafly et al. (2016) and the spectral types that correspond to these colors for young stars (see Appendix C).

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