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On the Evolution of the Central Density of Quiescent Galaxies

  • Authors: Sandro Tacchella, C. Marcella Carollo, S. M. Faber, Anna Cibinel, Avishai Dekel, David C. Koo, Alvio Renzini, and Joanna Woo

2017 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 844 L1.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

At a given M, galaxies with a higher Σ1 are redder. We plot Σ1 vs. M, color coded by the rest-frame (BI) color for the ZENS galaxies. The filled and empty large circles show the QGs above and below the mass completeness limit; the small dots indicate star-forming galaxies. The black and gray dashed lines show the best-fit ﹩{{\rm{\Sigma }}}_{1}\mbox{--}{M}_{\star }﹩ relation for the QGs, i.e., Σ1 ridgeline, obtained respectively from our data (Equation (1)) and by Fang et al. (2013) on their SDSS sample. The error bars in the bottom right corner show the average 1σ uncertainties; the gray shaded area marks the unphysical region of parameter space where ﹩{{\rm{\Sigma }}}_{1}\gt {M}_{\star }/\pi ﹩. At a given M, QGs with higher Σ1 have typically redder (BI) colors than QGs with lower Σ1.

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