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On the Evolution of the Central Density of Quiescent Galaxies

  • Authors: Sandro Tacchella, C. Marcella Carollo, S. M. Faber, Anna Cibinel, Avishai Dekel, David C. Koo, Alvio Renzini, and Joanna Woo

2017 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 844 L1.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

sSFR-Σ1 sequence interpreted as an age–Σ1 sequence. We show in a schematic diagram the sSFR vs. Σ1 comparing the field with satellite galaxies in the mass range ﹩10.0\lt \mathrm{log}\,{M}_{\star }/{M}_{\odot }\lt 10.25﹩, based on Figure 4 of Woo et al. (2017). Interpreting the sSFR values for the QGs as stellar ages, one finds that denser QGs are older (the average trend indicated by the red lines). A flattening of the satellites’ relation can be caused by the additional contribution of environmental quenching, which appears to be able to switch off star formation in galaxies of lower Σ1 relative to the field. In this paper, we seek to constrain the age distribution of QGs in the ﹩{{\rm{\Sigma }}}_{1}\mbox{--}{M}_{\star }﹩ plane.

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