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A Detection of Sgr A* in the Far Infrared

  • Authors: Sebastiano D. von Fellenberg, Stefan Gillessen, Javier Graciá-Carpio, Tobias K. Fritz, Jason Dexter, Michi Bauböck, Gabriele Ponti, Feng Gao, Maryam Habibi, Philipp M. Plewa, Oliver Pfuhl, Alejandra Jimenez-Rosales, Idel Waisberg, Felix Widmann, Thomas Ott, Frank Eisenhauer, and Reinhard Genzel

2018 The Astrophysical Journal 862 129.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

Composite FIR image of the Galactic Center, generated using the algorithm of Lupton et al. (2004). We have scaled the intensity of the red band according to ﹩{I}_{r}^{{\prime} }={I}_{r}^{0.9}﹩, the intensity of the green band ﹩{I}_{g}^{{\prime} }={I}_{g}^{0.6}﹩, and the intensity of the blue band ﹩{I}_{b}^{{\prime} }={I}_{b}^{0.5}﹩.

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