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Extensive Pollution of Uranus and Neptune’s Atmospheres by Upsweep of Icy Material during the Nice Model Migration

  • Authors: Eva Zlimen, Elizabeth Bailey, Ruth Murray-Clay

Eva Zlimen et al 2024 The Astronomical Journal 168 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 9.

Semimajor axis (a), apocenter distance a(1 + e), and pericenter distance a(1 − e) vs. time of Jupiter (pink), Saturn (dark purple), Uranus (blue), and Neptune (light purple) for the full orbital evolution of the four chosen simulations. The first row shows simulations in which Neptune starts and ends exterior to Uranus (No Swaps 1&2) while the second row shows simulations in which Neptune starts interior to Uranus (Swaps 1&2). Note the differing timescales between plots.

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