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Baryon Budget of the Hot Circumgalactic Medium of Massive Spiral Galaxies

  • Authors: Jiang-Tao Li, Joel N. Bregman, Q. Daniel Wang, Robert A. Crain, and Michael E. Anderson

2018 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 855 L24.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 4.

(a) Baryon fraction (fb) vs. rotation velocity (vrot). The cosmic baryon fraction (dotted line) with error (shaded area), a fitted relation from Dai et al. (2010; dashed), the MW (Miller & Bregman 2015; black five-pointed star), samples of non-starburst field spirals (Li et al. 2014; black circles), galaxy groups (Sun et al. 2009; red stars), and galaxy clusters (Vikhlinin et al. 2006; red diamonds) are plotted for comparison. For the non-starburst field spirals, only the stellar mass and the hot gas within a few tens of kpc are included in the baryon budget; an extended hot halo is not detected. For galaxy groups and clusters, only the hot gas component (no stellar component) is included, and we have simply assumed the rotation velocity equals to the velocity dispersion for a qualitative comparison. (b) Hot gas baryon fraction (fb,hot) vs. vrot. We include only the extended hot gas component for a uniform comparison, with no stellar component and no low-mass galaxies without a detected extended hot halo.

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