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Baryon Budget of the Hot Circumgalactic Medium of Massive Spiral Galaxies

  • Authors: Jiang-Tao Li, Joel N. Bregman, Q. Daniel Wang, Robert A. Crain, and Michael E. Anderson

2018 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 855 L24.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

Stacked radial intensity profiles of the hot gas component of the CGM-MASS galaxies. Different panels have the galactocentric radial distance of different galaxies rescaled to kpc (a), (c) and r200 (b), (d). The solid line is the best-fit β-function. The dashed and dotted lines show the sky+soft proton background and the 1σ uncertainty. Errors are statistical only. In panel (b), the red dashed curve is the Faerman et al. (2017) model scaled with r200 of a MW-sized halo and renormalized to fit the data at r < 0.08r200 ≈ 20 kpc. Such a model has significantly flatter X-ray intensity profile at large radii than what is measured for the more massive CGM-MASS galaxies, but such a difference is not visible at r ≲ 0.1r200. In panels (c) and (d), NGC 550 has been removed from the stacking because there is an X-ray luminous background cluster Abell 189 projected close to this galaxy (Li et al. 2017). The data used to create this figure are available.

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