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Dynamic Process of Spontaneous Energy Radiation from Spinning Black Holes through Force-free Magnetic Field

  • Authors: Shinji Koide, and Tomoki Imamura

2018 The Astrophysical Journal 864 173.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 6.

Diagram with respect to ΩF and I on the radial coordinate, r. The orange surface indicates ﹩{\tilde{B}}^{2}-{\tilde{E}}^{2}=0﹩. The surface has symmetry with respect to the I = 0 plane. The region covered by the surface including the line I = 0, ΩF = 0, r ≤ 2M shows the forbidden region of I and ΩF because of ﹩{\tilde{B}}^{2}-{\tilde{E}}^{2}\lt 0﹩, which plays an important role driving finite I and ΩF. The blue plane shows the possible steady state, including the stretched horizon. This clearly shows that the steady state should be ﹩I\lt 0﹩, because the surface with ﹩I\gt 0﹩ contains the region ﹩{\tilde{B}}^{2}-{\tilde{E}}^{2}=0﹩ except for the horizon. In such a case, we have ﹩P\gt 0﹩ when ﹩{{\rm{\Omega }}}_{{\rm{F}}}\gt 0﹩.

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