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VLBI Data Processing on Coronal Radio-sounding Experiments of Mars Express

  • Authors: Maoli Ma*, Guifré Molera Calvés, Giuseppe Cimò, Peijin Zhang, Ming Xiong, Peijia Li, Pradyumna Kummamuru, Zhanghu Chu, Tianyu Jiang, Bo Xia, Kondo Tetsuro, Fengxian Tong, Pablo de Vicente, Jonathan Quick, Hua Zhang, and Zhong Chen

2021 The Astronomical Journal 162 141.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 7.

Upper panel: electron column density fluctuations ΔNe from each single station at a solar offset of 4.9 Rs on 2017 July 29 and 9.9 Rs on 2017 August 3. Middle panel: the corresponding differential electron column density ﹩{\rm{\Delta }}{N}_{e}^{\mathrm{AB}}﹩ in the spatial scale of the baseline length. Lower panel: power-density spectra of ΔNe and ﹩{\rm{\Delta }}{N}_{e}^{\mathrm{AB}}﹩. Comparing with ΔNe, the power density of ﹩{\rm{\Delta }}{N}_{e}^{\mathrm{AB}}﹩ decreases significantly when ν < 0.01 Hz.

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