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CHANG-ES. XX. High-resolution Radio Continuum Images of Edge-on Galaxies and Their AGNs: Data Release 3

  • Authors: Judith Irwin, Theresa Wiegert, Alison Merritt, Marek Weżgowiec, Lucas Hunt, Alex Woodfinden, Yelena Stein, Ancor Damas-Segovia, Jiangtao Li, Q. Daniel Wang, Megan Johnson, Marita Krause, Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar, Jisung Im, Philip Schmidt, Arpad Miskolczi, Timothy T. Braun, D. J. Saikia, Jayanne English, and Mark Richardson

2019 The Astronomical Journal 158 21.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

L-band rob 0 linear polarization (contours) over the total intensity image (color). The synthesized beam is shown as a black circle in the lower left corner, and frequency is given in the upper right corner. (a) NGC 3079. Contours are at 3, 7, and 15  × σQ,U (σQ,U = 24.6 μJy beam−1; Table 2). The major axis extends NW to SE. (b) NGC 4438. Contours are at 3, 5, and 7 × σQ,U (σQ,U = 41.6 μJy beam−1; Table 2).

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