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Three-dimensional Geometry of the Electron-scale Magnetic Hole in the Solar Wind

  • Authors: G. Q. Wang, M. Volwerk, S. D. Xiao, M. Y. Wu, Y. F. Hao, L. J. Liu, G. Wang, Y. Q. Chen, and T. L. Zhang

2020 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 904 L11.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

(A) Positions of MMS2 (red), MMS3 (green), and MMS4 (blue) relative to MMS1 (black) in the LN (left panel) and MN (right panel) planes at 21:27:30 UT on 2017 November 12. The red arrow indicates the solar wind direction. The gray dashed lines are parallel to the solar wind flow. (B) Schematic of the geometry of the magnetic hole in the MN plane. The color bar indicates the magnetic field strength. MMS2/3 and 4 have been shifted to MMS1 along the solar wind flow in the MN plane as shown by the red arrow. The horizontal lines from right to left indicate BT observed by the satellites with time. The orange arrows indicate the strength and direction of the electron velocities inside the magnetic hole in the MN plane. The radius of the gray circle is 6 ρe.

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