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Dust-trapping Vortices and a Potentially Planet-triggered Spiral Wake in the Pre-transitional Disk of V1247 Orionis

  • Authors: Stefan Kraus, Alexander Kreplin, Misato Fukugawa, Takayuki Muto, Michael L. Sitko, Alison K. Young, Matthew R. Bate, Carol Grady, Tim T. Harries, John D. Monnier, Matthew Willson, and John Wisniewski

2017 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 848 L11.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Top: ALMA (left) and HiCIAO image (right) in polar projection. Middle left: deprojected ALMA image, with the analytic solution of a coplanar, planet-triggered spiral arm (black curve; ﹩{r}_{p}=90\,\mathrm{au}﹩, ﹩{\theta }_{p}=110^\circ ﹩, ﹩\epsilon =0.01﹩). The position of the putative planet is marked as a black dot. The dashed circles are included to guide the eye. Middle right: model with the spiral inclined by 17 with respect to the disk plane. The part of the spiral located above the disk plane is indicated in black, while the more distant part is gray. Bottom: sketch of the viewing geometry in our inclined-spiral model (Section 4.3).

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