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A 3D Dust Map Based on Gaia, Pan-STARRS 1, and 2MASS

  • Authors: Gregory M. Green, Edward Schlafly, Catherine Zucker, Joshua S. Speagle, and Douglas Finkbeiner

2019 The Astrophysical Journal 887 93.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 8.

Reddening density in the vicinity of Orion B. Each row corresponds to a different distance. The left column shows the results from the final iteration, with a correlation length of 1.5 pc. The center column shows the results from the initial, uncorrelated iteration, while the right column shows the difference between the final and initial iterations. Dust clouds have fewer “holes” when the correlated prior is applied, and are better localized in distance. Note that in the correlated iteration, we localize the distance of Orion B much more precisely, while in the uncorrelated iteration, it is smeared across a greater range of distances.

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