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A Correction for GALEX Spectroscopic UV Flux Distributions from Comparisons with CALSPEC and IUE

  • Authors: Ralph C. Bohlin, and Luciana Bianchi

2019 The Astronomical Journal 157 107.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

CALSPEC spectrum of HZ43 (purple) overplotted with the GALEX spectrum as small black squares and as large black squares in 50 Å bins, as in Figure 1. The flux values of the CALSPEC SED at the 1539 and 2316 Å reference wavelengths are written on the plot. Both the GALEX photometry and spectral fluxes are low, as expected when the GALEX detector approaches saturation. In the lower panel, there are no little or big black diamonds that indicate useful measures of the CALSPEC/GALEX flux ratio.

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