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An Updated 2017 Astrometric Solution for Betelgeuse

  • Authors: G. M. Harper, A. Brown, E. F. Guinan, E. O'Gorman, A. M. S. Richards, P. Kervella, and L. Decin

2017 The Astronomical Journal 154 11.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

The parallax from the combined radio and 2007 Hipparcos HIAD data as a function of Radio Cosmic Noise (﹩{\sigma }_{\mathrm{radio}}^{\mathrm{noise}}﹩). The top hashed area (green) is the 2007 Hipparcos solution, and the hashed area below (red) is Hipparcos HIAD combined with the radio-only proper motions (this work, assuming ﹩{\sigma }_{\mathrm{radio}}^{\mathrm{noise}}=2.4﹩ mas). The combined radio+Hipparcos solutions are shown as circular symbols and error bars (blue) for different values of assumed ﹩{\sigma }_{\mathrm{radio}}^{\mathrm{noise}}﹩. When ﹩{\sigma }_{\mathrm{radio}}^{\mathrm{noise}}\gt 3﹩ mas, the sensitivity of the parallax to the radio positions is reduced.

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