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Muted Features in the JWST NIRISS Transmission Spectrum of Hot Neptune LTT 9779b

  • Authors: Michael Radica, Louis-Philippe Coulombe, Jake Taylor, Loic Albert, Romain Allart, Björn Benneke, Nicolas B. Cowan, Lisa Dang, David Lafrenière, Daniel Thorngren, Étienne Artigau, René Doyon, Laura Flagg, Doug Johnstone, Stefan Pelletier, Pierre-Alexis Roy

Michael Radica et al 2024 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 962 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

LTT 9779 b transit light-curve fits. Left: order 1 white light curve and examples of 10 spectrophotometric transit light curves (open points) and their best-fitting transit models (solid lines) from the supreme-SPOON reduction. The wavelength extent of each bin is shown above the best-fitting model. Right: residuals to each best-fitting model. The scatter in the residuals in parts per million is noted above each, as well as, in brackets, its multiple above the predicted photon noise level. Histograms of the residuals are shown to the right.

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