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Binary Fraction in Galactic Star Clusters: FSR 866, NGC 1960, and STOCK 2

  • Authors: L. Yalyalieva, A. Chemel, G. Carraro, E. Glushkova

L. Yalyalieva et al 2024 The Astronomical Journal 167 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 10.

Radial velocity measurements for the clusters. Single stars are depicted with blue color and double stars are with red. Large circles indicates the stars with more than three observations. The black line is a mean radial velocity, the other lines demonstrate the estimates from the literature that were mentioned in the Table 1, where *1—Dias et al. (2021), *2—Tarricq et al. (2021), *3—Zhong et al. (2020), 4*—Tarricq et al. (2021), 5*—Zhong et al. (2020), *6—(Dias et al. 2021), *7—Tarricq et al. (2021), *8—Alonso-Santiago et al. (2021), *9—Zhong et al. (2020), *10—Carrera et al. (2019), *11—Mermilliod et al. (2008).

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