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Wavelet Transforms of Microlensing Data: Denoising, Extracting Intrinsic Pulsations, and Planetary Signals

  • Authors: Sedighe Sajadian, Hossein Fatheddin

Sedighe Sajadian and Hossein Fatheddin 2023 The Astronomical Journal 166 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

Two examples of simulated planetary microlensing light curves (dotted cyan curves), and the corresponding single microlensing events (setting q = 0; dashed green curves). In each panel, the raw and denoised data are represented with pink and blue colors, respectively. The best-performing wavelet for denoising and the used planetary lensing parameters are shown at the top of panels. Two given values for ﹩{\mathrm{log}}_{10}[\mathrm{STD}(\mathrm{mag})]﹩ correspond to raw and denoised data, respectively.

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