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STIS Coronagraphic Imaging of the Herbig Ae Star: HD 163296

  • Authors: C. A. Grady, David Devine, B. Woodgate, R. Kimble, F. C. Bruhweiler, A. Boggess, J. L. Linsky, Philip Plait, M. Clampin, and P. Kalas

Grady et al. 2000 The Astrophysical Journal 544 895.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Fig. 4.

Radial surface brightness profiles for HD 163296 (bold) and AB Aur. For HD 163296 a 0﹩\farcs﹩45 wide crosscut along the disk semimajor axis from SE to NW, at a location with minimal contamination by the PSF subtraction residuals, is shown. Interior to 1﹩\arcsec﹩ (SE) or 1﹩\farcs﹩5 (NW) from the star PSF residuals dominate the signal. The peak at 8﹩\arcsec﹩ to the NW of HD 163296 is due to a field star. For AB Aur, the crosscut is roughly N‐S across the disk. The AB Aur crosscut, in addition to structure due to the spiral features discussed by Grady et al. (1999) shows a general trend of increasing surface brightness with decreasing radius, consistent with expectations for a disk or envelope extending more or less smoothly in to the STIS occulting wedge.

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