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Quasar Candidates behind the Milky Way Disk and M31

  • Authors: Tímea Kovács, Georgia Loukaidou, Clara Pennock, Teymoor Saifollahi, Gabriele Umbriaco, Valentin D. Ivanov, Petko Nedialkov, Heidi Korhonen, Alessandro Pizzella, Luca Costantin, Marco Berton, and L. Viktor Tóth

2019 Research Notes of the AAS 3 3.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

Observed spectra (red/blue; smoothed and shifted vertically for clarity, at rest-frame, except for object 5 shown at observer frame; for the two stars we adopted Vrad = −300 km s−1 for M31 from McConnachie 2012) of: 1. 2MASS J00450929+4202393, 2. 2MASS J00471445+4202098, 3. 2MASS J02155016+4806200, 4. WISEA J023648.12+442520.2, 5. WISEA J185756.83+321653.3 and 6. WISEA J212638.33+333212.0. Comparison spectra (black): M3III BS 4463 for object 1 and M4III SHV0549503.dat for objects 2 (Chen et al. 2014), and the SDSS composite quasar spectrum (Vanden Berk et al. 2001) for object 4.

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