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Spectroscopic Confirmation That 2MASS J07414279–0506464 Is a Mid-type L Dwarf

  • Authors: Michael C. Cushing, Nicholas Moskovitz, and Annika Gustafsson

2018 Research Notes of the AAS 2 50.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

1–2.4 μm spectrum of 2MASS 0471−05 (black) along with the spectra of the near-infrared L dwarf spectral standards (red) 2MASS J215804571550098 (L4), 2MASS J08350622−195305 (L5), 2MASS J10101480−0406499 (L6), and 2MASS J01033203−1935361 (L7) from Kirkpatrick et al. (2010). Prominent atomic and molecular features are indicated as well as regions of strong telluric absorption (gray bars). The data used to create this figure are available.

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