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Spontaneous Onset of Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection on an Electron Scale

  • Authors: Dongkuan Liu, San Lu, Quanming Lu, Weixing Ding, and Shui Wang

2020 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 890 L15.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

(a) Time histories of reconnecting electron current sheet half-thickness δ (solid lines) and reconnected flux ﹩\bigtriangleup \psi ﹩ (dashed lines) for cases with different values of (a) initial half-thickness δ0 (Cases 0, 1, 2, and 3) and (b) mass ratio mi/me (Cases 0, 4, and 5). Here δ is the half width at the half maximum of the electron current density's z profile at the reconnection site. In these cases, one or multiple X-lines are formed in the current sheet. In the case(s) with multiple X-lines, the definition of the reconnected flux ﹩\bigtriangleup \psi ﹩ as the difference between the maximum and minimum of ψ at z = 0 indicates that the best developed single X-line with ψ maximum is considered.

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