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A Magnified View of Circumnuclear Star Formation and Feedback around an Active Galactic Nucleus at z = 2.6

  • Authors: J. E. Geach, R. J. Ivison, S. Dye, and I. Oteo

2018 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 866 L12.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Dynamical modeling of 9io9. We show the source plane CO (J = 4 → 3) emission averaged over 88 km s−1-wide channels spanning −350–350 km s−1. The color scale saturates at 4 mJy. Contours show the equivalent line emission extracted from the best-fitting model datacube, describing a rotating ring with inner radius 160 pc, outer radius approximately 2.5 kpc, and maximum deprojected velocity 360 km s−1. Contours show the corresponding emission in the model cube, starting at 0.5 mJy and increasing in steps of 0.5 mJy.

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