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Merger of Two Neutron Stars: Predictions from the Two-families Scenario

  • Authors: Alessandro Drago, and Giuseppe Pagliara

2018 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 852 L32.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

Distribution of ﹩{M}_{\mathrm{tot}}={m}_{1}+{m}_{2}﹩ (solid line) estimated by using the analysis of Kiziltan et al. (2013). In the upper panel, the range of values of ﹩{M}_{\mathrm{threshold}}﹩ for ﹩{M}_{\max }^{H}=(1.5\mbox{--}1.6){M}_{\odot }﹩ are indicated by the gray area (the two-families scenario). In the lower panel, the range of values of ﹩{M}_{\mathrm{threshold}}﹩ in the one-family case is indicated. In this figure, the results of the analyses of Bauswein et al. (2013, 2016), Bauswein & Stergioulas (2017), Hotokezaka et al. (2013), Feo et al. (2017), and Maione et al. (2017) have been used.

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