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A Cool Core Disturbed: Observational Evidence for the Coexistence of Subsonic Sloshing Gas and Stripped Shock-heated Gas around the Core of RX J1347.5–1145

  • Authors: Shutaro Ueda, Tetsu Kitayama, Masamune Oguri, Eiichiro Komatsu, Takuya Akahori, Daisuke Iono, Takumi Izumi, Ryohei Kawabe, Kotaro Kohno, Hiroshi Matsuo, Naomi Ota, Yasushi Suto, Shigehisa Takakuwa, Motokazu Takizawa, Takahiro Tsutsumi, and Kohji Yoshikawa

2018 The Astrophysical Journal 866 48.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 4.

Temperature (left) and average of its statistical error (right) maps of the excess component (kTexcess) in nine regions in units of keV. All the best-fit values are the same as in Table 1, while the error values are the average of upper and lower statistical errors of each region.

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