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The Relativistic Jet-accretion Flow–wind Connection in Mrk 231

  • Authors: Cormac Reynolds, Brian Punsly, Giovanni Miniutti, Christopher P. O'Dea, and Natasha Hurley-Walker

2017 The Astrophysical Journal 836 155.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 12.

Top panel compares the SEDs of the two high-radio states, the 2011 flare and the 2015 flare. The middle panel compares the SED during the 2015 flare and during the radio-low state in 1996. There is C IV BAL absorption and a harder spectrum in 1996. The last frame compares the SED in 1996 and during the radio flare in 2011. The SEDs diverge shortward of ﹩1400\,\mathring{\rm A} ﹩.

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