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An Improved Orbital Period for the Recurrent Nova U Scorpii

  • Authors: Bradley E. Schaefer and F. A. Ringwald

Schaefer & Ringwald 1995 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 447 L45.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Fig. 1.

Eclipse light curve for U Sco. Each light curve depicts one night's worth of B magnitudes as phased by our final ephemeris. Typical uncertainties on each measurement were under 0.04 mag. The curves without data points displayed are smooth curves drawn through noisy data. Circles, 1989 July 10; squares, 1989 July 11; solid line, 1989 July 15; dashed line, 1989 July 16; upward‐pointing triangles, 1993 June 16; diamonds, 1994 July 25; downward‐pointing triangles, 1994 July 26; plus signs, 1994 July 29. It is clear that the light‐curve shape varies from eclipse to eclipse. This variation provides the dominant source of uncertainty in our period measure. We also see that the ingress branch is steeper than the egress branch.

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