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The Active Galactic Nuclei in the Hobby–Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment Survey (HETDEX). I. Sample Selection

  • Authors: Chenxu Liu, Karl Gebhardt, Erin Mentuch Cooper, Dustin Davis, Donald P. Schneider, Robin Ciardullo, Daniel J. Farrow, Steven L. Finkelstein, Caryl Gronwall, Yuchen Guo, Gary J. Hill, Lindsay House, Donghui Jeong, Shardha Jogee, Wolfram Kollatschny, Mirko Krumpe, Martin Landriau, Oscar A Chavez Ortiz, Yechi Zhang

Chenxu Liu et al 2022 The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 261 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Example AGN selected by the sBL method. The black data points with error bars are the observed spectrum, the red curve is the best-fit model of the emission-line window, and the gray shaded area is the window for the fit of the emission line. The cyan dashed line is a simple linear fit to the data points outside the gray shaded area. The yellow dotted line shows the sum of all emission components in the multi-Gaussian fit. The title of each panel is the catalog AGN ID (Appendix A). We give eight possible redshifts in the upper left corner of each panel, corresponding to the detected emission line being Lyα, C IV λ1549, Mg II λ2799, N V λ1241, C III] λ1909, O VI λ1034, He II λ1640, and Si IV+O IV] λ1400. The blue dashed vertical lines accompanied with line names above show the positions of common emission lines, assuming the four single broad emissions of AGN 18, 1058, 4810, 5024 are O VI λ1034, Lyα, C III] λ1909, and Mg II λ2799, respectively.

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