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Variation in GMC Association Properties across the Bars, Spiral Arms, Inter-arms, and Circumnuclear Region of M100 (NGC 4321) Extracted from ALMA Observations

  • Authors: Hsi-An Pan and Nario Kuno

2017 The Astrophysical Journal 839 133.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Left: spatial distribution of GMA mass (Mc) and observed GMA boundary. The 12CO integrated intensity map is presented with grayscale. We identify 165 reliable GMAs. Green diamonds, blue circles, and red squares denote GMAs with Mc < 5 × 106 ﹩{M}_{\odot }﹩, 5 × 106 < Mc < 107 ﹩{M}_{\odot }﹩, and Mc > 107 ﹩{M}_{\odot }﹩, respectively. The circles indicate the average radius of the major and minor axes of the observed GMA boundary. Right: classification of GMAs based on their locations in the galaxy. The background image is Spitzer 8 μm emission. The central circle and ellipse denote the area of the CNR and bar, respectively. The CNR GMAs, bar GMAs, spiral GMAs, and inter-arm GMAs are indicated with red stars, blue squares, green circles, and magenta triangles, respectively. The numbers of GMAs are as follows: 11 CNR GMAs, 21 bar GMAs, 62 spiral GMAs, and 71 inter-arm GMAs.

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