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Galactic Model Parameters and Spatial Density of Cataclysmic Variables in the Gaia Era: New Constraints on Population Models

  • Authors: Remziye Canbay, Selçuk Bilir, Aykut Özdönmez, Tansel Ak

Remziye Canbay et al 2023 The Astronomical Journal 165 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 8.

The z-histograms for CVs. The upper panel shows the z-histogram for all CVs in the sample and the lower panel magnetic systems (mCVs). The blue dashed line represents the ﹩{{\rm{sech}} }^{2}﹩ function and the red solid line the exponential function. The 2D posterior probability distributions of the model parameters sampled by MCMC are demonstrated to the right of the z-histograms.

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