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GOALS-JWST: Unveiling Dusty Compact Sources in the Merging Galaxy IIZw096

  • Authors: Hanae Inami, Jason Surace, Lee Armus, Aaron S. Evans, Kirsten L. Larson, Loreto Barcos-Munoz, Sabrina Stierwalt, Joseph M. Mazzarella, George C. Privon, Yiqing Song, Sean T. Linden, Christopher C. Hayward, Torsten Böker, Vivian U, Thomas Bohn, Vassilis Charmandaris, Tanio Diaz-Santos, Justin H. Howell, Thomas Lai, Anne M. Medling, Jeffrey A. Rich, Susanne Aalto, Philip Appleton, Michael J. I. Brown, Shunshi Hoshioka, Kazushi Iwasawa, Francisca Kemper, David Law, Matthew A. Malkan, Jason Marshall, Eric J. Murphy, David Sanders, Paul van der Werf

Hanae Inami et al 2022 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 940 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Left: F1500W/F560W−F770W/F560W color–color diagram for all clumps detected in the MIRI images. For sources without a detection in the F1500W image, upper limits are indicated by downward arrows. Right: for comparison, the same diagram but showing the colors of local LIRG nuclei derived from synthetic photometry of the Spitzer/IRS low-resolution spectra. The data points are color-coded by the 6.2 μm PAH EQW measured from the spectra. The color derived from the total flux of the MIRI clumps in the left panel is shown as a star. In the Spitzer slit that covers the merger-induced dusty region, IIZw096 has one of the reddest F1500W/F560W colors among local LIRGs.

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