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Spectroscopic Confirmation of Two X-Ray Diffuse and Massive Galaxy Clusters at Low Redshift

  • Authors: Kaiyuan Chen, Weiwei Xu, Linhua Jiang

Kaiyuan Chen et al 2022 The Astrophysical Journal 940 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

X-ray images of the two galaxy clusters C1 (upper panels) and C2 (lower panels). For each cluster, the left panel is the ROSAT X-ray photon image in the energy of [0.5–2.0] keV, in the logarithm scale, and the right panel is the reconstructed image after the wavelet filtering shown in logarithm scale. The gray contours have six logarithm levels with the lower and upper limits of 0.00014 and 0.0025 for C1, and 0.00061 and 0.0069 for C2. In panel for C1, we have subtracted X-ray pollution from two nearby quasars. Two magenta circles label out the quasar-contaminated regions. The area marked with the blue circle is the initial detection of C1 in Xu et al. (2021). After subtraction, the corrected size and position is shown with the red circle.

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