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Inconspicuous Solar Polar Coronal X-Ray Jets as the Source of Conspicuous Hinode/EUV Imaging Spectrometer Doppler Outflows

  • Authors: Alphonse C. Sterling, Conrad Schwanitz, Louise K. Harra, Nour E. Raouafi, Navdeep K. Panesar, Ronald L. Moore

Alphonse C. Sterling et al 2022 The Astrophysical Journal 940 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

A soft-X-ray image from the Hinode XRT instrument’s Al Poly filter, of the north polar coronal hole region on 2020 March 7, showing an overview of the northern polar coronal hole region where all of the events studied here occurred. One of the events of Table 1, labeled E3, is in progress, and the white box shows the approximate field of view (FOV) displayed for the corresponding EIS-outflow event in Figure 1. North is up and west is to the right in this and in all other solar images and animations of this paper. Dark spots in the image, e.g., at (−140,740), and similar patches and blotches are artifacts. The accompanying animation shows the XRT movie for this period, covering 2020 March 7 over 12:00:01–18:45:20 UT, but with a gap between 14:34:46 and 16:30:15 UT because there are no events in our data set over that interval. That animation contains labels and boxes similar to those shown for event 3 in this figure, but for all five events, with the coordinates of the boxes in Figure 1 giving the approximate locations of those boxes for each respective jet in the movie. In that animation at the time of event 5, the “E5” label is located near a brightening that is the suspected source region of the outflows, which is located about 30″ south of the EIS box showing the EIS Figure 1 panel’s FOV; see Section 3.3 for discussion of the spire and observed EIS outflows being separated from the brightening. The entire movie runs for 26 s.

(An animation of this figure is available.)

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