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Reflection Effect in the Binary System 14 Pegasi With a Highly Eccentric Orbit

  • Authors: Maksym Yu. Pyatnytskyy, and Ivan L. Andronov

2020 Research Notes of the AAS 4 24.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

The light curve of 14 Peg from the TESS observations (blue points) and its approximations using the “asymptotic parabolae” (AP, black), “running parabolae” (RP, blue) with a statistically optimal value of the filter half-width Δt = 0.ͩ45 and the trigonometric polynomial of statistically optimal degree s = 10 (TP10, red). The relative shift between the approximations is 0.ͫ005, the TP10 is shown twice—with and without the shift.

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