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High-fidelity Modeling of Rotationally Fissioned Asteroids

  • Authors: Alex B. Davis and Daniel J. Scheeres

2020 The Planetary Science Journal 1 25.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 9.

Complex spin state of the secondary at the moment of escape for Moshup simulations. The horizontal bars indicate the values of the secondary’s moments of inertia. The spin states are widely distributed, indicating a generally excited spin state of the secondary as it leaves the system. The x-axis provides both the effective spin rate and effective spin period, with the rate above and the period below in parentheses. The dynamic inertia is normalized by the mass-equivalent sphere inertia and the effective spin period is normalized by 2.33 hr, the disruption period of a 2 g cm−3 object.

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