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PHANGS–ALMA: Arcsecond CO(2–1) Imaging of Nearby Star-forming Galaxies

  • Authors: Adam K. Leroy, Eva Schinnerer, Annie Hughes, Erik Rosolowsky, Jérôme Pety, Andreas Schruba, Antonio Usero, Guillermo A. Blanc, Mélanie Chevance, Eric Emsellem, Christopher M. Faesi, Cinthya N. Herrera, Daizhong Liu, Sharon E. Meidt, Miguel Querejeta, Toshiki Saito, Karin M. Sandstrom, Jiayi Sun, Thomas G. Williams, Gagandeep S. Anand, Ashley T. Barnes, Erica A. Behrens, Francesco Belfiore, Samantha M. Benincasa, Ivana Bešlić, Frank Bigiel, Alberto D. Bolatto, Jakob S. den Brok, Yixian Cao, Rupali Chandar, Jérémy Chastenet, I-Da Chiang, Enrico Congiu, Daniel A. Dale, Sinan Deger, Cosima Eibensteiner, Oleg V. Egorov, Axel García-Rodríguez, Simon C. O. Glover, Kathryn Grasha, Jonathan D. Henshaw, I-Ting Ho, Amanda A. Kepley, Jaeyeon Kim, Ralf S. Klessen, Kathryn Kreckel, Eric W. Koch, J. M. Diederik Kruijssen, Kirsten L. Larson, Janice C. Lee, Laura A. Lopez, Josh Machado, Ness Mayker, Rebecca McElroy, Eric J. Murphy, Eve C. Ostriker, Hsi-An Pan, Ismael Pessa, Johannes Puschnig, Alessandro Razza, Patricia Sánchez-Blázquez, Francesco Santoro, Amy Sardone, Fabian Scheuermann, Kazimierz Sliwa, Mattia C. Sormani, Sophia K. Stuber, David A. Thilker, Jordan A. Turner, Dyas Utomo, Elizabeth J. Watkins, and Bradley Whitmore

2021 The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 257 43.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 13.

Comparisons between ΣSFR estimated from UV+IR and from PHANGS–MUSE Balmer-decrement-corrected Hα. For each 15″ sightline in the field of view of PHANGS–MUSE, we compare ΣSFR estimated from Hα extinction corrected using the Balmer decrement, Hαcorr (y-axis), to ΣSFR estimated from combining FUV and mid-infrared 22 μm emission (x-axis). The Hα+Hβ measurements are only available over a limited field of view in 19 targets, but represent a high-quality, independent reference. The left panel shows the two estimates plotted against one another. The right panel shows the ratio of the two estimates. The two ΣSFR estimates correlate well, but show a ≈20%–30% systematic offset. We also observe a systematic trend in the ratio as a function of ΣSFR, with the FUV+WISE4 estimate likely somewhat overestimating ΣSFR at low values. For a more detailed exploration of these results see F. Belfiore et al. (2021, in preparation).

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