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The Extinction and Distance of the MBM Molecular Clouds at High Galactic Latitude

  • Authors: Mingxu Sun, Biwei Jiang, He Zhao, and Yi Ren

2021 The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 256 46.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 11.

The relationship of ﹩{E}_{\mathrm{NUV},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}}}^{0}﹩ and ﹩{E}_{{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{RP}}}^{0}﹩ (top, left) and ﹩{h}_{\mathrm{NUV},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}}}﹩ and ﹩{h}_{{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{RP}}}﹩ (top, right) as well as the distribution of ﹩{E}_{{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{RP}}}^{0}﹩ (bottom, left) and ﹩| {h}_{{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{RP}}}| ﹩(bottom, right). Red asterisks are the parameters of foreground and black line is the fitting line of ﹩{E}_{\mathrm{NUV},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}}}^{0}﹩ and ﹩{E}_{{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{RP}}}^{0}﹩ (top, left) and ﹩{h}_{\mathrm{NUV},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}}}﹩ = ﹩{h}_{{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{BP}},{{\rm{G}}}_{\mathrm{RP}}}﹩ line (top, right).

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