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Dynamical Formation of the GW190814 Merger

  • Authors: Manuel Arca Sedda

2021 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 908 L38.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Mass ratio q vs. BH mass MBH for NS–BH mergers in our metal-poor (green circles) and metal-rich (purple circles) models, compared to the measured values for GW190814 and GW190426_152155 (white stars). We include the combined distribution for metal-poor (red squares) and metal-rich (yellow squares) binaries derived from Giacobbo & Mapelli (2018) (model CC15α5). The black boxes enclosing GW190814 and GW190426_152155 represent regions deviating <30% from the observed MBH and q. In the side histograms, the dotted lines identify the measured mass and mass ratio for both GW sources, while the shaded (empty) areas encompass the measured 90% credible level for GW190814 (GW190426_152155).

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