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Search for Continuous Gravitational Waves from Scorpius X-1 in LIGO O2 Data

  • Authors: Yuanhao Zhang, Maria Alessandra Papa, Badri Krishnan, and Anna L. Watts

2021 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 906 L14.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

95% confidence upper limits on the intrinsic gravitational wave amplitude in half-Hz bands. We assume orbital inclination at ﹩44^\circ \pm 6^\circ ﹩ (lower black points) and arbitrary inclination (upper black points). The lower dashed and solid curves are the torque-balance upper limits, based on estimates of the mass accretion rate and assuming the accretion torque to be at the neutron star radius (lower solid red curve) or at the Alfvén radius (upper dashed red curve). For comparison we show the upper limits from previous results (the three fainter upper curves) and draw the incorrect torque balance Alfvén radius upper limit that was reported (uppermost dashed line).

(The data used to create this figure are available.)

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