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Betelgeuse Fainter in the Submillimeter Too: An Analysis of JCMT and APEX Monitoring during the Recent Optical Minimum

  • Authors: Thavisha E. Dharmawardena, Steve Mairs, Peter Scicluna, Graham Bell, Iain McDonald, Karl Menten, Axel Weiss, and Albert Zijlstra

2020 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 897 L9.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Comparison of optical (4000–7000 Å) model spectra (PHOENIX spectra Husser et al. 2013 interpolated using the STARFISH package Czekala et al. 2015, 2018) showing the influence of temperature changes and mixing of different temperature components, normalized so that the spectra are equal to one at the peak of the spectral energy distribution (∼1.5 μm) with the same wavelength sampling as in Levesque & Massey (2020), although not convolved with the line response function. All three scenarios outlined in the text have rather similar spectra, and are qualitatively similar to Figure 1 in Levesque & Massey (2020).

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