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Measurement of the Rate Distribution of the Population of Repeating Fast Radio Bursts: Implications for Progenitor Models

  • Authors: C. W. James, S. Osłowski, C. Flynn, P. Kumar, K. Bannister, S. Bhandari, W. Farah, M. Kerr, D. R. Lorimer, J.-P. Macquart, C. Ng, C. Phillips, D. C. Price, H. Qiu, R. M. Shannon, and R. Spiewak

2020 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 895 L22.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

Log-likelihood ﹩\mathrm{log}{ \mathcal L }﹩ normalized by ﹩{{ \mathcal L }}_{\max }﹩, marginalized over both ﹩{R}_{0}^{\min }﹩ and ﹩{R}_{0}^{\max }﹩. This is shown for both the standard set of assumptions for all FRBs (thick black line), and a range of different assumptions about the properties of FRB 171019: its burst shape (blue thin solid line), spectral index α (red dashed line), time clustering k (green dotted–dashed line), and redshift (orange dotted line), with confidence intervals as indicated.

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