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High-resolution Spectroscopic Imaging of Counter-streaming Motions in Solar Active Region Magnetic Loops

  • Authors: Xu Yang, Wenda Cao, Haisheng Ji, Parida Hashim, and Jinhua Shen

2019 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 881 L25.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Panel (a1) and (a2): sample He I 10830 Å images overlaid with region information for other panels and Figure 4. The double solid lines in different colors mark each selected long loop, with the nearby arrow indicating the flow directions inside the loop. Panel (b1) and (b2): blue light curves are for averaged intensities in 171 and 304 Å over the area of short loops (i.e., with He I 10830 Å absorption, blue box in the top-left panel) and red light curves are over the area of little He I 10830 Å absorption (red box in the top-left panel). Doppler velocity maps created with He I 10830 Å spectroscopy data. The black arrows indicate the redshifted mass flow inside the long loop 1. The blue circles indicate clusters of blueshifted flows in and around the Region B. Panel (c2): Doppler velocity profiles along the two slits (green and orange arrow) in panel (a2). The blue circles indicate clusters of blueshifted flows in Region B. Panel (c3): a composite image created with Hα off-band images, showing the different loop positions. Panel (d1)–(d4): composite images for Region A and B. The background is TiO and the yellow/red color represents the absorption features in He 10830 −0.4 Å and +0.4 Å, respectively. Region A contains short loops, while long loops are mainly rooted in the region B and C. An animation of panels (c1) and (c3) is available. Both animations cover 20:20 UT to 20:44 UT with 30 s cadence. The durations of the videos is 8 s.

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