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Reconnection Front Associated with Asymmetric Magnetic Reconnection: Particle-in-cell Simulations

  • Authors: Liangjin Song, Meng Zhou, Yongyuan Yi, Xiaohua Deng, and Zhihong Zhong

2019 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 881 L22.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 3.

Electromagnetic and plasma properties across the RFs along the X direction. Left column shows the results from the asymmetric reconnection at time ﹩t=90{{\rm{\Omega }}}_{{ci}}^{-1}﹩, while the right column is for the symmetric reconnection at ﹩t=53{{\rm{\Omega }}}_{{ci}}^{-1}﹩. From the top to the bottom are ((a)–(b)) magnetic field Bz; ((c)–(d)) plasma density Ni; ((e)–(f)) current density Jy (black), Jiy (red), and Jey (blue); ((g)–(h)) energy conversion ﹩{\boldsymbol{J}}\cdot {\boldsymbol{E}}﹩ (black), ﹩{{\boldsymbol{J}}}_{{\boldsymbol{i}}}\cdot {\boldsymbol{E}}﹩ (red), and ﹩{{\boldsymbol{J}}}_{{\boldsymbol{e}}}\cdot {\boldsymbol{E}}﹩ (blue); ((i)–(j)) energy dissipation ﹩{\boldsymbol{J}}\cdot {{\boldsymbol{E}}}_{{\boldsymbol{i}}}^{{\prime} }﹩; ((k)–(l)) ion bulk velocity vix and viy; ((m)–(n)) electron bulk velocity vex and vey; ((o)–(p)) ion temperatures; and ((q)–(r)) electron temperatures. The average ion temperature Tiaver is equal to (Tipara + 2Tiperp)/3, and the average electron temperature Teaver is equal to (Tepara + 2Teperp)/3.

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